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Revolutionising fitness routines with cutting-edge 3D Computer Vision

exercise performance

With advanced AI, we bring a new level of precision and personalisation to fitness workouts.

SMPL body model and 3D keypoints

We detect full-body SMPL model and 3D keypoints on human body.
Motion intelligence. Supercharged.

Unlock AI-assisted training applications

We bring cutting-edge motion capture technology to help companies to provide customized health and fitness experiences to their clients.

FitWise represents advanced 3D pose estimation capabilities as it accurately detects human poses in various contexts.

Results & Safety

Our algorithms analyze every aspect of workouts, from form and posture to intensity and duration. Receive feedback and tailored recommendations to ensure maintaining the perfect balance for maximum results and reduced risk of injury.

Squats for beginners


Discover the power of 3D Motion Tracking

State-of-the-Art 3D Pose Estimation
— Stable & Robust

Our 3D Pose Estimation algorithms use deep learning architectures to accurately capture the movement and positioning in different environments and scenarios in a three-dimensional space.

Efficient Workouts Around the Clock

Discover diverse workouts in our extensive library. Strength, HIIT, meditation, dance - FitWise has it all for holistic well-being.

Developer API

Seamlessly integrate our platform's features and capabilities into your own applications, wearables, or fitness-related projects.

What is FitWise?

FitWise — a motion tracking technology that goes beyond traditional 2D keypoints to capture and analyze athletes' movements in 3D using SMPL (Skinned Multi-Person Linear model). This enhanced approach has several advantages, including the ability to provide more detailed feedback to athletes, improved accuracy in computing repetitions, and the potential to develop advanced AI-driven fitness trainer applications.

Who is FitWise for?

FitWise offers significant value to businesses operating in the fitness, sports, and wellness industries.

1. Companies focused on improving sports performance could use FitWise to assess athletes' movements in detail, helping them refine their techniques and gain a competitive advantage.

2. Businesses developing health and wellness apps could integrate FitWise's technology to help users ensure they're exercising safely and effectively.

3. Enterprises involved in movement analysis, sports science, and biomechanics research could benefit from FitWise's capabilities for collecting and analyzing detailed movement data.

4. Developers interested in creating AI-powered fitness apps or platforms could leverage FitWise's capabilities to offer advanced features like personalized workouts and accurate repetition counting.

What is the main advantage of FitWise?

Compared to standard models operating with 2D keypoints, FitWise allows to perceive the athlete's movement in 3D by providing SMPL for each image or video frame. With 3D annotation, it becomes real to provide rich feedback to the athlete, better compute the repetition, and build next-gen AI trainer apps.

How to test FitWise on my data?

Please submit your data and task specifics to us through We will execute the most appropriate FitWise solution for your needs and provide you with the results.

How to start using FitWise?

Reach out to us via to get Developer API access.

Can I deploy FitWise to my device?

Currently, we're focused on providing a cloud-based version of FitWise. If you need an on-device alternative, contact us via to discuss the specifics.